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Vision and Priorities

  The attitude of people towards land is one of the main factors that determine further development of the land system. Besides this, it is a lot of triggers which enhance the environmental degradation process: land insecurity, poverty, rapid population decline, policy failures. Land users are unaware of the consequences of land use activity. In this context, it should be provided the possibility to develop and promote the informational framework, which will give the stakeholders wider information about quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the land property. Also as starting points for corrective action may be the structural support programs at the state level, land reforms that would provide stability, safety and confidence for landowners and potential investors.

Under this measure, the Institute working on concepts related to the need to simplify the methodology on accessing information, providing information through development and extensions of electronic public services, in this way will be implemented an informational data basis, which will be available for public access.

Our vision is continuous development of the functional and organizational framework for rational land management, upgrade equipment and improved technology working in collaboration with the similar international organizations, performance of the specialists, increase the quality of provided public services, enhancing the transparency of the Institute, studies and in-depth analysis, addressing new concepts. All elements of this coherent chain in complementary with a strategic approach to strengthen common policies in this field, will determine the course of the land relations in Republic of Moldova.


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